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Brüel & Kjaer Vibro

New Conditional Analysis and Monitoring System  VDAU-6000 (more)

New Two Channels Protection System
"VIBROCONTROL 1500" (more)

Products News

Schenck RoTec

Pasio 5 - Compact balancing machine for rotors up to 5 Kg . (more)

CAB 920 - CAB 950: Modernization package of instruments  (more)


June 2010
Schenck RoTec
Frankfurt - Germany

Schenck workers and representatives participated in the JPMorgan 2010 challenge held in the city of Frankfurt

Recent Activities

June 2011
Schenck RoTec
Darmstadt - Germany

Was performed successfully meeting of representatives of Schenck RoTec.

Herbert Kruger C.A. receives award as a representative of this year


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